Dental Mouth Guard

mouth guard

Dental mouth guards protect the teeth from injury and damage while playing sports or for those who suffer from bruxism (the habit of clenching and grinding your teeth).

Sports guards or athletic mouth guards are crucial pieces of equipment for any child participating in sports to prevent injury in contact sports.

Using The Right Mouth Guard Is Vital

These are made using either laminate or soft plastic. They cover the teeth and also separate the upper and lower jaws, protecting teeth from sharp blows or damage caused by grinding. Although several types of ready to use mouth guards are available in the market, dentists advise patients to use custom made guards designed specifically to their needs and size. Store-bought mouth guards can be uncomfortable to wear, as they may not fit everyone well and are also bulky and wear down quickly. Such mouth guards can also interfere with breathing and speaking, thereby eliminating their use as the right choice for you.

Night guards are used to prevent tooth damage in children, and adults, who grind their teeth at night. For children, they are used during the growth phases of a child’s teeth and jaw. For adults, mouth guards are used to help primarily with the problem of grinding and clenching their teeth at night (bruxism).

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