8 Things To Look For When Choosing A Dentist Near You

Cynthia Hoy

Whether you are looking for a dentist near you as you moved into a neighbourhood or the dentist you see is retiring, we have 8 tips to help you in your search. A dentist is a key provider in your health care team. Your dentist is a partner in your oral health so spend some time searching for a dentist near you that will provide the dental care you need. Consider these 8 items in your search for a dentist. 

Dental Services

Not all dentists offer the same dental services. Consider your dental needs and the needs of your family when looking for a dentist. 

If someone has dental anxiety, you may wish to find a dentist that offers sedation dentistry. Individuals looking to upgrade their smile may look for a dentist that provides cosmetic dentistry such as dental implants. Or you may want a family dental clinic the whole family can see. Find a dentist that offers the services you need.

Licensed Dentist and Certified Dental Assistant

All members of your dental team should be licensed to practice in British Columbia, this includes your dentist and dental hygienist. You can use the College of Dental Surgeons of British Columbia website to make sure any dentist or certified dental assistant in BC is registered. 

Read Patient Reviews

Search online to read reviews from patients that recommend or provide feedback on the dentist and dental clinic. This is a good way to get a feel for the dentist and the dental clinic staff. 

Reviews are useful but should only form part of your decision as reviews are only opinions and may not provide the whole picture. Therefore, look for themes in the reviews. Also, look for a dental practice that responds to reviews showing an interest in patient feedback and communication. 

Dentist Communication

Clear communication from the dental clinic front line staff when booking or changing appointments is necessary. A website and social media accounts can also provide an impression of the communication for the dental clinic. You may also wish to find a dentist that speaks your language if you’re living in a country different from your mother tongue. 

Dental Clinic Hours and Emergency Dental Treatment

Dental clinic hours should be accessible to you with your schedule. Look for hours on websites or social media accounts. In addition, understand if there is some availability for dental emergencies. You don’t know if you may need an emergency dental appointment in the future.

Dental Clinic Location

The clinic location should be nearby your home, office, or another route you regularly travel. Or you are willing to travel to. For instance, many of our patients find it convenient that our location is near Tsawwassen Town Centre Mall and close to Tsawwassen Commons. Find a dentist with a location that works for you.  

Dental Insurance and Payments

If it is important for you to find a dentist that direct bills to your insurance provider, that is something to consider. Although dental insurance is a consideration, remember that dentists are health professionals and will treat according to patient needs and not the requirements of the dental health insurance plan. Outside of dental insurance plans, know what payment options are available to you.  

Overall comfort Level

A dentist should be a trusted member of your health care team. You should certainly feel comfortable discussing your dental needs and dental concerns with your dentist. A dentist should also show interest in your overall health as your oral care is part of your health. 

We Might be the Dentist Near You You’re Looking For

If you’re looking to book an appointment with a Tsawwassen Dentist, a dentist in Ladner, or a Delta dentist, we might be the perfect fit. Our Tsawwassen dental clinic provides general dentist care for the whole family. Dr. Beeram has been registered to practice dentistry in British Columbia since 2014. The dental care team will create a personalized dental care treatment plan and discuss all dental procedures with you. 

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