A South Delta Dentist on How to Clean Dentures

Cynthia Hoy

It’s important to keep your dentures clean and our South Delta dentist has these recommendations. Maintaining your dentures will support your overall oral health and keep your breath fresh. Your dentures should also feel comfortable and looking after them will help to keep them in a good condition that fits you well. Follow these tips to keep your dentures working well for you. 

What Are Dentures?

There are two types of dentures – partial and complete. Dentures are prosthetic devices used to replace missing teeth and can be removed from the mouth. You might wear dentures if you’ve lost teeth due to decay, disease, or an accident.

The Canadian Dental Association shows the four main types of dentures – a fixed bridge, a partial denture, complete dentures, or dental implants. Made out of plastic (specifically acrylic resin), porcelain, or metal, dentures can restore the appearance and function of natural teeth. 

When Are Dentures Worn?

Dentures are typically worn during the day and removed at night. Your South Delta dentist may give you initial instructions to wear your dentures at night. This can help your gums to recover and helps them to settle in your mouth. Follow your dentist’s instructions as it is not usually recommended to wear dentures at night. 

Wearing dentures can take a bit of time to get used to at first. Colgate offers these tips on adjusting to new dentures.

How to Clean Dentures

  1. Remove the dentures from your mouth and rinse them under warm water. This will remove any loose food particles. 
  2. Using a denture brush or a soft-bristle toothbrush, gently brush all surfaces of the dentures with denture cleaner or a mild soap.
  3. Rinse them well. 
  4. Clean and massage your gums and brush and floss any natural teeth you have. 
  5. Rinse the mouth daily without dentures to remove any plaque and reduce the risk of infection. 
  6. When not wearing your dentures at night, place your dentures in warm water or water with a denture cleaner.

Remember, never place dentures in hot water as they can become warped or damaged. Practiced regularly, this nighttime routine will help to keep your dentures in good condition and to maintain your oral health. 

See a South Delta Dentist for Dentures 

You should look after your dentures just as you looked after your natural teeth. It’s important to see your South Delta dentist regularly for professional cleaning and dental exams. You are still at risk of gum disease if you have no natural teeth and early detection is important to prevent the progression of the disease. 

If your dentures become uncomfortable or they’ve cracked, book a dental service at our dental practice. 

Dentures can help bring back your beautiful smile! Book an appointment to speak with our South Delta dentist if you want dentures or for your regular dental care appointment. Our dental clinic is conveniently located next to Tsawwassen Town Centre Mall. We also comprehensive dental procedures including a full range of cosmetic dentistry and sedation dentistry at our dental clinic. 

Image by Pexels from Pixabay