Does Dental Appointment = Anxiety?


Do your palms sweat when you visit the dentist? You’re not alone. Do not feel embarrassed! 

Dental phobia — the irrational fear of receiving dental care is not confined to just Canada.

Why We Experience Dental Anxiety

Studies say that most patients are afraid of three things at the dental office — fear of loss of control, fear of embarrassment, or fear of pain. Loss of control is when they can’t see what we’re doing to them, can’t help us to do it, or can’t anticipate what will happen next. They have a fear of embarrassment because we work inches away from patients’ faces and are in their personal space. Some people lack self-confidence or are ashamed of how their teeth look, and they’re afraid they’ll be judged or ridiculed.

Reducing Dental Anxiety

Luckily, for you, Dr. Beeram has earned the reputation for putting patients at ease during the first appointment itself and removing all fears attached to dentistry. If you worry about receiving dental care, talk to Dr. Beeram about it openly or mention it at the time of scheduling your appointment. Dr. Beeram will discuss a few options such as sedation dentistry to ease your dental anxiety. He will patiently listen to you and explain every step of the procedure. Even during the procedure, Dr. Beeram will continuously check with you to see if you are comfortable. Trust him to make all appointments stress and worry-free for you. Contact us today for more information.