Pregnancy dental care: general information


Dental care is completely safe during pregnancy!

It is essential not only to your health but also to your growing baby’s health. The reason is those surging hormones that are causing such a dramatic transformation in your body during pregnancy can also put you at increased risk for developing oral health issues that can affect the health of that precious baby developing inside you.

One key potential result of increased hormones is gum disease which, if left untreated, can escalate to periodontal diseases such as gingivitis and various types of periodontitis. Other dental issues that arise during pregnancy include erosion of tooth enamel caused by morning sickness; dry mouth, another side effect of hormonal changes, which can cause a number of dental issues; and pregnancy granuloma, a nodular red growth that can appear on the upper line of your gums.

Dr. Beeram can oversee your optimal oral health throughout your pregnancy with careful planning and clear communication right from the beginning of your pregnancy.

See Us In the Planning Stages

The ideal time to visit Dr. Beeram’s Beach Grove dental office is just before you start trying to get pregnant. This way we can give you a professional cleaning and treat any issues you may have such as untreated tooth decay, signs of infections or tooth traumas. We will also examine your gums to get a baseline reading, making it easy to track and treat any changes caused by pregnancy hormones.

Contact Us Once You’re Pregnant

It’s also perfectly fine to contact us once you find out you are pregnant. Patient confidentiality is our utmost priority. Talk to us about any questions and concerns you might have and let us set you up with an appointment during your second trimester. This is the ideal time for an expectant mother to receive routine dental care.

Call Immediately If You’re Having Issues

If you are experiencing dental issues of any kind at any stage of your pregnancy, tell your doctor and contact us immediately! It’s critical that we address any source of infection or sepsis immediately. Any delay in treatment can cause harm to you and your baby.