When to Consider Teeth Whitening

Cynthia Hoy


As we age, our teeth start to naturally get darker which is also influenced by tobacco products and the foods and drinks we consume. If you’re noticing the colour of your teeth changing and would like to see it restored to a whiter shade, you might be considering teeth whitening

It is important to seek out the care of a dentist to assess your teeth for whitening. Dr. Beeram will consider whether you have fillings, caps, veneers, crowns or root canal treatments or other inconsistencies among your teeth that may impact your treatment. He will then make a recommendation based on your unique situation. 


How External Bleaching Works

Bleaching works on the tooth from the outside in. The technique typically used is to bleach the surface of the teeth resulting in a whitening of stains or discolourations on the teeth. Cosmetic teeth bleaching works only on natural teeth and the results are not permanent. Most people are looking to see their smile one or two shades lighter. Dr. Beeram will discuss with you the results you’re looking for.  


Internal Bleach for Root Canals

If you’ve had a root canal, Dr. Beeram may also be able to recommend a procedure that bleaches the tooth from the inside out and is useful in these cases. Internal bleaching is a process that can only be performed by a qualified dentist. Many people are not aware of this technique and that there is a solution for discoloured teeth such as when a root canal has been performed. If you’ve had a root canal or need one, talk to Dr. Beeram about the colour of your teeth if that is something you’d like to see improved with your teeth. 


When to Get Your Teeth Whitened

There is no right or wrong time to get your teeth brighter. Many people consider teeth whitening for big life events, such as a vacation, a big birthday or marriage. Another time you may consider teeth whitening is if you have an upcoming event where you may be having your photograph taken. Others just prefer their smile to be more dazzling every day. 


Beach Grove Dental Tsawwassen provides safe, effective teeth whitening solutions. Come in to talk to Dr. Beeram if you’d like to discuss if teeth whitening is right for you and what your options are. Contact us online or call us at 604-943-6768 to schedule a consultation for a whiter, brighter smile.